Why choose Chris's PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) ?

We run the most dynamic, innovative, updated to the minute PADI IDC Instructor Development Course and Diving Internships and Career Development on Phuket, Thailand, keeping you always on the cutting edge and one step ahead – vital when looking for work in such a competitive industry.

Since 1999 PADI Course Director Chris has taught over 130 PADI IDCs and certified well over 1000 PADI Instructors to varying levels !!!

Not only are Chris’ PADI Instructor Development Course s (IDC s) some of the best available in the world but they also produce unmatched pass rates year after year with his IDC Candidates regularly scoring way above average:

  • 2000 100% First IE Pass Rate
  • 2001 100% First IE Pass Rate
  • 2002 100% First IE Pass Rate
  • 2003 First unsuccessful candidate at first IE !!!
  • 2004 Two Candidates unsuccessful at first IE
  • 2005 100% First IE Pass Rate
  • 2006 Two Asian Candidates unsuccessful on English Written Exams !!
  • 2007 100% First IE Pass Rate
  • 2008 100% Pass Rate
  • 2009 100% Pass Rate - One Swedish candidate failed first time on language of written exams
  • 2009 100% Pass Rate
  • 2010 100% Pass Rate
  • 2011 100% First IE Pass Rate
  • 2012 100% First IE Pass Rate

With state of the art full multimedia purpose built and designed computerized classrooms: laptop, LCD projector, DVD etc, by teaching the very latest PADI Courses as soon as they are released and by using all the very latest PADI materials as soon as they become available, we ensure that your PADI Instructor Development experience is the most updated, comprehensive and professional available.
  • March  2010 Indepth Dive College runs first IDC of 10 candidates
  • August 2009 Construction started on Indepth Dive College - puropose designed and built for IDCs
  • April 2008 taught Thailand’s first NEW PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Course
  • April 2008 started teaching PADI Dive Centre Employee
  • April 2006 taught first Digital Underwater Photography
  • May 2005 the eRDP is introduced into the IDC Prep
  • November 2004 Chris introduces the Rescue Diver Prescriptive Teaching Lesson Guides into the IDC and IE
  • June 2004 Chris trains the first ever Sri Lankan PADI Instructor
  • November 2003 Chris teaches the first EFR Care for Children Instructor Course in Asia and Thailand
  • April 2003 As Director of Training Chris received the PADI Industry Award for “Outstanding Commitment to the PADI System of Education” – a huge recognition of our commitment to the QUALITY of our Courses and our use and understanding of the PADI System rather than QUANTITY of students achieved through cheaply priced courses !!!
  • November 2002 Chris was one of the FIRST Course directors in the world to start teaching the NEW Emergency First Response Instructor Course
  • March 13th 2001 Chris became the FIRST COURSE DIRECTOR in Thailand to use the New 2001 IDC Curriculum

Chris' Indepth PADI IDC includes:
  • 12 IDCs a year each followed by an IE, one every month !
  • Small Classes: IDCs limited to 10 Candidates
  • IE Pass Guarantee !!!
  • 5% Early Bird discount program PLUS 5% Cash Discount Incentive !!!
  • 2 ½ day IDC Prep: incl PADI EANx Diver DAN O2 course,  EFR Update, Knot tying, lift bag practice, Rescue and more
  • 10 day Indepth PADI IDC program
  • Purpose built and designed Dive Centre and Dive Shop
  • State of the art classrooms with fully computerised digital multimedia support
  • Purpose built 3m deep scuba training pool
  • Single occupancy Air-con with Wi-Fi accommodation offered for duration of the IDC / IE -11 nights !!
  • Buffet Thai style lunch
  • Complementary High-speed ADSL e-mail & internet & Wireless Network
  • Extra in-water workshops: CESA, Surface Skills, Pocket Mask use, Rescue workshop etc
  • Free use of dive equipment if baggage allowance prevents you bringing your own
  • VIP Discount card: up to 30% off PADI materials
  • VIP Discount card: 10-20% off all dive equipment purchases
  • VIP Discount card: 15% off Day Trips & Liveaboards
  • Tanks & weights for all Prep / AI / IDC / OWSI / MSDT activities
  • Full support during your PADI Instructor Examination
  • A full range of PADI and DAN Instructor Continuing Education directly following IE
  • Complementary Airport pick up
  • FREE Job placement service !!!

10 Day expanded PADI IDC

Although PADI requires an IDC to have a minimum duration of 7 days we have found some extra presentations and workshops highly beneficial to our candidates’ success. To accommodate these extra presentations, workshops that we have integrated into our program, we have found a 10 day program more suitable.

Some examples of extra workshops include: Ascents & Descents, Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent (CESA) pool and open water, Student Control both under water and at the surface, Pocket Mask use amongst others.

We work hard to keep this an efficient and relaxed program, important because people are most receptive to learning and perform their best in a low stress environment, whilst keeping it fun and “hard work”

	PADI IDC Divemaster Skill Circuit Scuba Unit Removal and Replacement underwater

Small Classes = Personal Attention !!!

Chris is proud of his PADI IE Pass Rate: one of the ways this fantastic pass rate, the highest in Thailand, has been maintained has been by limiting class sizes to no more than 10 PADI IDC Candidates / PADI IDC !!!

It is only by limiting PADI IDC Candidate numbers that ANY PADI Course Director can spend the necessary time and give you the personal attention that YOU need and deserve to fully develop your abilities. Our staff are dedicated to YOUR PADI IDC program and are available 24 hrs a day to answer any queries or questions you might have.

PADI IDC Confined Water Debrief

Extra remedial lectures and workshops are ALWAYS available and are scheduled during the evenings as required.

Although PADI allows a maximum ratio of 8 candidates to one Course Director / IDC Staff Instructor, we limit our candidate to staff ratio to 5:1 with no more than 10 total Candidates per IDC !!!

Working in groups of 5 gives everyone time for discussion and individual feedback and is ideal for the Confined and Open Water Presentations you will be giving during the IDC. You will also profit enormously from the contributions and ideas of your fellow candidates.


IE Pass Guarantee !!!

Due to the continued success rate of Chris’s Indepth PADI IDC programs on Phuket and Phi Phi, Thailand, Chris is happy to offer you the following guarantee :

“Should you complete any of our IDC packages which includes our IDC Preparation Program – in the unlikely event that you should not be successful – then you will be invited to attend our next (or any other) whole IDC free of charge within 1 year !!!!!”


Early Bird Discount & Cash Incentive Program !!!

Chris’s “Early Bird Discount Program” was introduced try and ease the chaos of last minute bookings – you wouldn’t believe how late some people leave it !!

Chris is now trying to encourage IDC Candidates to book as early as possible to ease our last minute IDC logistics and to avoid disappointment:

Receive a 10% discount off any IDC bookings made 30 days prior to the start of your IDC program !!!

….. be organised and reap the rewards!!


The Cash incentive program is simple …

By paying by credit card we lose 3.75% to the bank … so as someone has to lose this money we thought it might be nicer to give the money to YOU rather than the bank

Pay in cash and receive a further 5% discount off your IDC package price.

For details of how to book and pay please contact Chris


Free Accommodation ?!?!?!

Team spirit and the ability to work with people are crucial to your success as an instructor.

You are very much encouraged to work together on your “home work assignments” and we have found that staying at the same location helps this enormously.… and with the classrooms open until midnight and the pool until 20:00 you will have ample time to practice by yourselves or with the staff !!!

Our IDC Staff and Languages

Chris teaches his PADI IDC programs in English – although he teaches in English, French and Thai. There are two main reasons for this – the first of course being that Chris is English!!

The second and more important reason is that because the dive industry is such a huge, diverse and truly international business, although you might plan to teach only in your native language, chances are your going to find yourself doing a lot of teaching in English.

Our aim is to prepare you for this from the beginning.

During the PADI IDC Chris will be assisted by various PADI IDC Staff Instructors. These instructors are fluent in a number of languages and will be able to clarify any language related questions you might have.

Staff languages currently include French, Dutch, German, Danish and Swedish and Thai.

Should you wish to give a presentation during the PADI IDC or the PADI IE in your own language, with prior notice we can arrange for a suitable translator. You are however encouraged to give your presentations in English.

If you have any doubts about language please don’t worry – just contact Chris.

PADI IDC Staff mulitilingual support

PADI / DAN Oxygen Provider Course included !!!

Unfortunately it is a sad fact that people do suffer accidents and as we are all aware the most important first aid for diving related accidents is that of immediate oxygen provision.

What is even sadder is that a large percentage of dive professionals, both PADI divemasters and PADI Instructors have NEVER received training in this field and are untrained in oxygen administration.

The PADI or DAN Oxygen Provider Course is an option available as part of your Indepth IDC Preparation program.

	PADI IDC - PADI DAN Oxygen Provider

Mandatory for PADI Instructors and PADI Divemasters in most countries throughout the World this course gives candidates a basic knowledge for the practical administration of oxygen using various delivery systems, including demand, oronasal mask, constant flow and pocket mask.


Support During your IE

Most PADI Course Directors and PADI IDC Centers do not accompany their candidates during the PADI Instructor Examination.

Although we know that your preparation is completed and our job over at the end of the PADI IDC, we also take care of all the logistics during your PADI IE and Chris, your PADI Course Director will accompany you throughout the PADI IE program.

This guarantees that you can concentrate 100% on your IE without wasting time worrying about paperwork, payments, transport, equipment and the like.


Looking for work as a PADI Instructor … !?!?

Should we not be able to find work for you within our own operations we have many, many contacts in Phuket, Phi Phi, Thailand, Asia, Europe and throughout the rest of the world.

Having lived and worked in Thailand in the diving industry for the past 20 years and having worked in Ko Samui, Ko Tao, Pattaya and Bangkok, Chris has a wide network of contacts and is pretty successful in placing instructors within Thailand.

The other thing you can do to increase your chance of getting a job is to increase you qualifications and be able to offer the dive centre’s customers more.

Emergency First Response Instructor Training and PADI Specialty Instructor Training are a good way to do this: we offer a full range of PADI Specialty Instructor training immediately after all PADI IEs.

So far every one of Chris’ PADI IDC Candidates who has wanted a job in Thailand has been successfully employed !!!

For more information re: job opportunities, visa requirements etc: contact Chris

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