PADI Assistant Instructor (AI) Course

Assistant Instructor (AI) Candidates joining Chris’ Indepth PADI IDC attend the first 5 days of his Indepth IDC.

This course introduces candidates to some of the basic skills and methods of teaching scuba: in the pool where divers actually learn the skills to start with, in the classroom where they understand and learn “Why” and “how” things occur underwater, and again in Open Water where student divers demonstrate their proficiency and mastery of the skills and knowledge gained from Confined Water and the Classroom.

The course also looks at how people learn, the PADI system of diver education and focuses on the programs they will be able to teach as Assistant Instructors, such as The Coral Reef Conservation Specialty and the Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty.

Candidates learn how to give successful Microteaching Knowledge Development presentations (classroom), Confined Water presentations (pool) and Open Water presentations (sea) and are graded on these EXACTLY the same as they would be at the PADI IE.
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Certification Requirements include minimum scores in: one Microteaching Knowledge Development presentation, one Confined Water presentation, one Open Water presentation (2 skills), the PADI skill circuit (24 skills) and the Assistant Instructor Standards Exam.

The DAN Oxygen Provider Course is integrated into any Assistant Instructor Course run in conjunction with Chris’ Indepth IDC !!!
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