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This new page contains some of the testimonials that Indepth Instruction has received, feel free to email us with details of what you thought about your PADI IDC course with Indepth Instruction here in Phuket.
PADI IDC Testimonial Diving King Cruiser Phuket Thailand
2009 May

I took part in Chris Owen’s IDC in Chalong, Puket in June this year and his professionalism is outstanding and I learnt so much from him. Chris is indeed a credit to Padi Asia and I inspire to one day be able to teach to his high standards.

I have been back at work for a month after returning from Thailand and whenever I talk to anyone about my trip the same comment keeps coming up, “Your Course Director sounds like a great guy”. I just thought I would tell you as well as I do think Chris has given me a superb role model to aim towards.

Unfortunately my trip was not all positive as I could not sit my IE at the end of my IDC as I had a motor cycle accident only a mater of days before the exams. I was very upset about this but Chris kept me positive and made me feel more than welcome to return in the near future to complete my IE. Chris went out of his way to help me with my injury by taking me to the hospital on several occasions and translating what was going on, including when the doctors over prescribed my medication which lead to a large rash.

Whilst in Thailand my bank cards were also frozen. This could have proved a major problem however Chris stepped in and paid all my hospital bills which considering I had only known him for a matter of weeks I think was very decent of him.

Thanks to the treatment I received my leg had nearly healed and I am itching to get back to sit my IE as soon as work commitments allow. I would have no hesitation recommending Chris to anyone I spoke to.


2008 December

“My four weeks on Phuket in the care of InDepth Instruction was unforgettable – I’m so glad I picked Chris instead of the company I had planned to go to in Cyprus. I think we all learned something this time, being in such a difficult group – different languages, different mentalities… but we got there in the end. And I have come away a more confident person, and proud of being an instructor with PADI.

You’re a great team, keep up the good work, I will not hesitate to recommend Chris to anyone who wants to do an IDC.

Don’t forget to let me know when you get the Indepth Polo Shirts and Mask Strap Covers, I will buy a few”

IDC Course: Nick Bray – UK
2008 December

I attended an IDC with Chris Owen in December of 2008 and only becoming a divemaster a few months prior had little experience in the padi teaching philosophy however after the IDC I went on to the IE with a burning confidence and a desire to show the examiner how good I could be and found the IE to be easier than I had expected and put it all down to the confidence and help chris gave me I also must say that my instructor up to divemaster had a fair bit to do with it also but becoming an instructor has to be down to Chris and after only 4 weeks working as an Instructor have licensed 1x OW, 2x scuba divers, 1 rescue diver, many discover scuba and start work tomorrow with 2x OW students and where I am it is really quiet but with the confidence I came away with has been keeping me busy when all around me are wondering how I am doing it. So yes I want to thank chris for everything he did and the help he gave.  A BIG THANKS TO YOU CHRIS.

IDC Course Ken Henderson yeehadiving Philippines
2008 December

Hi Chris

Just a quick note to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the hard work and patience you put in with me and getting me through the IDC and IE, as you said miracles can happen.

We got back safely on Friday morning after a couple of days in Bangkok, brill shopping if only we had the room (kens credit card was safe).

Thanks for everything I couldn’t have done it without your grit and determination. See you at the IDC Staff in a year lol.

Have a great New Year

Best wishes Diana

IDC Course Diana Henderson
PADI IDC Scuba Diving
2008 December

I came to Thailand at the Advanced Open water level and planned to work my way up to instructor.

Before the IDC began I was a little nervous not knowing what to expect.

On the first day of the course after an hour or so, my mind was put at ease as it became apparent that this was going to be a relaxed and enjoyable experience.

I had a great time on the IDC with Indepth and learned a great deal about instruction and myself, all the staff on the course were a real help, I came away feeling completely confident and sailed through the IE and I made some good friends from all over the world

Many thanks to MR. Chris!!!

IDC Course Richard Hutson, London, England
2008 July

“There are Course Directors and then there is Chris – a one man institution who taught me more in my 10 days of IDC than I had learned in all my previous years of diving. Dedicated to his students and focused on their success – he is a fair but hard task master. He demands nothing less than perfection. To be completely honest – his extensive and intensive training became a bit too much to handle but the difference showed at IE. Chris IDC is not for everybody – it is for men – boys stay out.”

IDC Course: Sanjay Kumar – Dubai, UAE
2008 May

First of all let me say you many thanks for giving us your full support to become a successful Open Water Scuba Instructor in the IDC in May 2008!

Your PADI IDC has been different and at the latest when the challenging training moved into the 2nd week, I understood your philosophy to lift us IDC-candidates’ level not just to a ‘fulfilling the minimum requirements level’ but at least 2 steps higher. This is to ensure that each candidate passes the final Instructor Examination and your outstanding pass rates speak for themselves… and I saw some guys failing the IE!

Another thing I highly appreciated was your flexibility to meet our special needs and desires which was also supported by the small classes and the limited no. of candidates. This ensures a high personal attention and flexibility. Especially your offering to throw us an EAN specialty instructor course instead of just the EAN specialty was a great thing (we had that already).

Everything was served with your special sense of British humour, a great environment in the fantastic Palm Garden Resort, nice class rooms (although I hate aircons) and a perfect pool for the skills trainings.

Needless to say that your support team with Duke and Jean-Yves did an outstanding job with spending so much time far beyond bearable times or explaining things twice or even for the third time. Everything was focused to make the whole project a success.

So, enough commendation – we’ve all made it finally and in spite of my full time job in a big company I have found the time to conduct some courses since May and it has been great fun. And there are many things which I have took from the IDC to make my students courses a success, too.

P.S.: Apologies for violating the English language J

Gernot PADI OWSI #975073
2007 November

Chris thanks again for all your help and for training me. I’m so pleased I took my IDC with you, I really enjoyed doing the IDC with you, even though you are a hard task master sometimes  : )) I will always have this qualification now and am proud to be a PADI instructor and plan to do more with it in the years to come.

I’ll let you know how things go.

I hope all is going well with your latest IDC and your life in general and Thailand is still the land of smiles :)

Kind regards

Denise Maxfield
2006 July

It was really great experience for me, Shumi and Afraa to do our IDC with you i really liked the way you manage and teach. I was worried about language, but you always go slow and help us. I’ll never ever forget those days. i still hope to come back to study IDC Staff when i save enough money here in the Maldives. Thank you very much…. Rainboa

IDC Rainboa (Husain Mohamed, Maldives)
2006 March

“We sailed though our PADI IE thanks to Chris’ great course, the IDC is a tough course and I found parts quite challenging but once it was time to be evaluated by the PADI Instructor Evaluators on the IE weekend, we were very well prepared and didn’t have any problems at all.

I had been told that Indepth Instruction have some of the best pass rates on the IDC and our course was no exception, 3 candidates entered for our IE and 3 new Instructors’

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