The PADI Instructor Development Course 10 Days

The IDC begins with independent self-study Knowledge Reviews and encompasses two PADI programs: The Assistant Instructor Course (AI) and The Open Water Scuba Instructor Course (OWSI).

Together these two programs make up the full IDC.

Chris’ 10 day Indepth PADI IDC is designed to develop your teaching skills and expand your knowledge and understanding of The PADI System of Diver Education…

After all what makes a teacher a successful professional is not what he or she knows, but rather what your students know after you have finished teaching them !!!

During the IDC you will learn how to successfully transfer knowledge and skills to others. Furthermore you will develop a clear understanding of The PADI Philosophy of Continuing Education and the full range of PADI programs, teaching materials and tools, especially digital products, that are available to you as a PADI Instructor.

Once you have understood the basic teaching methods employed in teaching scuba and how to use the PADI system to it’s fullest, you will find teaching an easy and exhilarating experience !!

The focus of these programs is on development, in other words learning by making mistakes and being corrected – so feel free to make as many mistakes as you like !!!

In fact, we learn best by making mistakes, then receiving the necessary feedback we need to improve.

The programs are performance based and candidate centred, so you will receive feedback throughout the course informing you of your progress and level of proficiency.
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